Pakistan's textiles are going through an unprecedented stage in history. Quota disbandment is still an ongoing opportunity. An export driven industry, it is facing unrestricted global markets for the first time in over 40 years. Almost a year down the liberalized path the growth opportunity is still unfolding. Shrinking textiles capacities in the EU and US have the turned the spotlight to Asian countries, where erstwhile star China is facing both capped growth and appreciating currency. Advantage, Pakistan.

Burgeoning Pakistan is privy to home base advantages of abundant cotton supply as well as ample supply of inexpensive labor. We house the 4th largest cotton crop globally trailing China, US and India and are the largest exporter of yarn in the world. Cotton and cotton products contribute about 10% to GDP and 55 % of the foreign exchange earnings of the country. Cotton production supports Pakistanís largest industrial sector, comprising some 400 textile mills, 7 million spindles, 27,000 looms in the mill sector, over 250,000 looms in the non-mill sector, 700 knitwear units, 4,000 garment units (with 200,000 sewing machines), 650 dyeing and finishing units and nearly 1,000 ginneries.