Our Services

Our knitting unit comprises of computerized circular fabric knitting machines. These machines are capable of knitting various types of fabrics such as jersey, interlock, pique, fleece, french terry, herringbone, thermal and performance fabrics.

The dissemination of information in a timely manner is the blood of any successful organization. Proline has a track record of continuous improvement. We have implemented an inventory management and production management application which allows us to track and monitor production in real-time, with data generated at the various stages of production. This allows us to minimize bottlenecks as well as identify and solve the causes of production problems. Our comprehensive quality management systems have resulted in extremely low defect rates.

Rigorous inspections of the manufacturing process from yarn through packaging of finished products is implemented. Each shipment is first inspected by our quality assurance team before it is offered to the customer for final audit. At Proline we have a proprietary system whereby we have an unparallel level of traceability for every product that is manufactured.

In order to improve efficiency and cost effectiveness, Proline has knitting machines in various diameters from 16" all the way to 34" in various gauges. The unit also has computerized rib-knitting machine and sophisticated computerized flatbed Japanese trim knitting machines.

For certain clients we store pre knitted fabrics to reduce the time cycle of product.